step back in time

“In the late eighteenth century, the meetings of a few fertile minds changed an age.” - The Lunar society

The Gentleman & Scholar is inspired by the story of the Lunarmen society. The group who also became known as the "Lunarticks" began meeting together in 1765 in Birmingham for lively conversations over delicious food.

Led by the larger-than-life physician Erasmus Darwin, the group debated on philosophy, arts, science and commerce. The Lunarmen were also the masterminds behind the building of Birmingham's canals and many of its factories and world-class businesses that changed the face of Birmingham.

Other group members included the flamboyant entrepreneur Matthew Boulton, the brilliantly perceptive engineer James Watt whose inventions harnessed the power of steam, the radical polymath Joseph Priestley who, among his wide-ranging achievements discovered oxygen, and the innovative potter and social reformer Josiah Wedgwood.

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