A Masterclass from Our Very Own Cocktail Connoisseur

The mastermind behind some of our most popular cocktails, our head bar tender Enzo, shares his top tips on creating your very own signature cocktail. 


Just like a home cooked family recipe, everyone needs a signature cocktail to enjoy on special occasions. Whether it's a twist on a classic or a creative concoction that expresses your personality, a signature cocktail is a fool proof way of impressing guests at your next party. 

1. Make your own bar

Turn your kitchen surface into your very own bar by laying out all of your favourite spirits and soft drinks and glasses. 

2 Add a garnish

Once you've mixed the perfect blend, use a complimentary ingredient to add a little decoration to your drink. Fresh fruit like half a strawberry or a slice of lime work perfectly and add a pop of colour.

3. Tools for the job

For the most basic cocktails, a measuring jigger is a must have tool to ensure your cocktail doesn't turn out too strong. If you have lots of different ingredients, a cocktail shaker is another must have addition to your make-shift bar to blend everything together smoothly. 

4. Practice the classics

Whether it's a refreshing mojito, a classy cosmopolitan or a stiff old fashioned, if you're stuck for inspiration practice a classic and add your own twist. 

5. Add some ice

No matter what time of year it is, cocktails are nearly always better when they're ice cold but remember, ice comes in different shapes and sizes. For short drinks, like an Old Fashioned, I like to pour my mixture over one or two large ice rocks but for a fruity daiquiri, crushed ice is what you'll need. 

6. Have fun Experimenting  

You'll never come up with your signature cocktail if you don't make some dirty pints along the way. Instead of wasting your favourite spirit, purchase some own brand bottles from your local super market to experiment with and save your best bottle for when you've perfected your recipe. 


Becky Jukes